Music for Coding Sessions

When I start a coding session and need to focus and concentrate in an office with other colleagues hacking and talking, I need to dive close myself off with the headphones on. Finding the right music is not trivial, everyone has his or her favorites, but here are some suggestions I can give that fit to my needs.

What Are My Needs?

Basically there are two different situations I might be in when music tends to be ok (which is not always the case!): Either I need full focus and concentration as mentioned above or there’s some sort of trivial or fun task to do.

For the latter it’s quite easy, because every good music I like fits: this might be Salsa or Celtic music, Dark Wave or other stuff. It doesn’t matter, even sitting on the chair and hoping is fine :-)

For the former it’s getting a bit harder. The most important thing in here is, that it’s nothing where I know the lyrics and might be able to join singing in my mind (well, it could also turn into singing loudly if one is not careful ;-)).

So I decided to look out for music which is either instrumental or sung in a language I don’t speak - however this might also turn into bad habits when listening to it very(!) often.

Found The Right Stuff

Luckily I have some good old CDs at home that perfectly fit in here. When I tried them the first time I was very curious if it will ever work out, but they did and do the job very well.

I also like to call this kind of music somewhat different than “music”, i.e. (kind of) “world of sounds” or as I tend to say in German: “Klangwelten”. These are namely:

Terra Infernalis by Ah Cama-Sotz Sigillum Militum by Sophia

If you are curious, check them out. Maybe a bit special, but…

Other Stuff On The Net

Some time ago I stumbled upon a page in the web – musicForProgramming(); – which also provides some nice mixes that are great for this purpose.

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